Lots of Gratitude

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Brother Sonny and Sister Casasiempre got baptized on Saturday!!!! 

It was a special day for two people who are very very close to my heart. Sister Casasiempre has been praying and waiting for the day that Brother Sonny would come to Christ. And she said she is overwhelmingly grateful for them finding the TRUE Church. She said she knows its true because only the true church could bring that kind of miracle. I mentioned to mom and dad that they awesome of those people that I feel I knew before this life. And at their baptism a member sang this song to them:

There was this place called the pre-existence
Where we lived with our friends so dear
A council was called
And Plans were made
Free agency is why we're here
Our Savior said please find my lost sheep
And teach them and bring them home
I promise my Savior I'll find them
And teach them the way to go
I'll go and find you my friend
I'll help you
Our Savior's plan is the way
Please accept me when I find you
And we'll be back with him someday
Remember the worth of souls is great
In the light and the sight of God
Look and search and teach his sheep
To find the Iron Rod
Look and search and teach his sheep
To find the Iron Rod.
They LOVED it and were in tears when it was over. The Brother who sang told Brother and Sister Casasiempre he feels that they were truly his friends also. It was a very nice and sweet experience.
I am now going into my last transfer. That has brought a lot of tears to me, I am heartbroken time is going by so fast. I am however grateful that I have 6 more weeks. For a lot of reasons, I have a feeling that this last transfer is going to bring a lot of sacred experiences that I will especially hold dear to me. This is a time for me to give everything I have and do everything I know to do. I look forward to what I know will be a defining time in my mission and my life. 
wishing you a Merry Christmas and sending my love. 
Sister Gentry


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Happy December,

The following is something I shared with my mission president about  the things I have learned over the past year... the true meaning of Christmas and a better way to share the Holiday spirit.  Light the world... 

There is one message I really love and I think it goes well with this year's initiative. It is from the talk of Elder Bednar last Christmas Devotional. He talks about the signs of the Saviors birth in the Americas. The believers prayed for, pleaded for the literal light of "no darkness" to save their lives, as they were set to be killed if the prophesy wasn't fulfilled.The Nephites had great cause to rejoice because... "it came to pass that there was no darkness in all that night, but it was as light as though it was mid-day. And it came to pass that the sun did rise in the morning again, … and they knew that it was the day that the Lord should be born, because of the sign which had been given." The Nephites were saved by the literal light of day shining continually, but every man was saved because the Light of the world, our Savior Jesus Christ was born to eternally save every single one of us. This was a day of rejoicing not just for the Nephites, but this was a day of rejoicing for every man who had lived, was living and all those who would live as their Redeemer had come into the world to take on our sins and pave the way for us to overcome spiritual and physical death. Jesus Christ is the Light who saves us all. Last year as I spent my first Christmas here in on the mission, this was a message I needed because for the first time I truly understood and internalized the meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is to reintroduce the Light of our Savior Jesus Christ into the lives of those around us and into our own lives. Over 2000 years ago we rejoiced with the angels of heaven, and everyday as missionaries we have the opportunity to bring that Light back to them, to introduce them to the gospel and the way for them to receive salvation they are searching for in the darkness. I have seen the light enter people's lives and eyes as they accept the gospel, as they pray and receive an answer, as they feel the spirit, as they dress in white, as they pass the sacrament for the first time, or are assigned their first calling. We "Light the World" everyday by doing His work. Everyday we have cause to rejoice as we celebrate the Light that entered into the world to save us 2000 plus years ago and that continues to save every one of us every single day since.  

I don't have any of those fancy social media sites or anything right now- but you guys do. I encourage all of you to take an active part this season in "Lighting the World" a downloadable advent calendar  starting December 1st (link below).  See what a difference it will make in your celebration this year of our Savior's Birth. 

I love you guys! 

Happy Week

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Lots of good things happened this week and happen every week actually. The days are coming close and it's  with mixed feelings. I got mom's letter in the package this week and was touched by her "final days in the mission" journal entries. I read how heartbroken she was to close that chapter of her life and leave her mission. I still have a while to go but I know how she felt. Thank you for everyone else's sweet letters in the package. They were all so fun to read, especially from the nieces sharing with me  their love lives. Haha 

Because Sister Quijada and I are sometimes working with other sisters in our area, some of our investigators haven't seen us together. They always see us with different companions. One of our investigators told me that she's decided to take the discussions with the other missionaries, the sister from cagayan de oro (sister quijada) so she dropped me for my companion. Hehe... I tried to explain to her that we are companions, but obviously it doesnt make sense and she wants to just wait for the other sisters to come to her house. 

ELDER QUINTIN COOK came to our mission this week. He came and did like a mission wide conference. It was an AMAZING conference. He left a bunch of blessings on us and our mission and inspiring messages about the work. Mostly about connecting with the spirit and connecting with the people so that you are teaching individually and specifically to the people. It was just what I needed and made me so unbelievably grateful to be a part of this work. Wish it was lasting longer and wasn't going by so quick. 

The GUIEB family got baptized on Saturday. Brother Andy and Sister Anabelle and two of their children, John Mark and Joan all were so excited and happy for their special day. I stood in the font on the steps this time, so we could watch their faces when they got up and help them get in and out. It's more fun that way, because they all came out with BIG smiles on their face and a big sigh, probably cuz the water was really cold, but the smiles were because they were really happy. We were really happy too because this family is so blessed to have been all prepared at the same time. Next goal: TEMPLE 

It was my beautiful companion's birthday. Right when she woke up and went to join united prayer, we poured flour on her, and then had a tarpaulin (like what Sister Bomediano did for me) and had everything set up for her. she was a good sport and wasn't even mad that she woke up with flour being poured on her. I have a new policy that I have learned from Filipinos: No Celebration should ever go uncelebrated. 

Questions and answers

Tell us what happen with your investigators this week I'm hoping that you have very good news. 
I do have very good news. Our Guieb family passed their baptismal interview and will be getting baptized this saturday. THANK YOU. also, Brother Casasiempre is scheduled to be baptized the beginning of Dec. I LOVE THESE FAMILIES A WHOLE LOT so it was a very, very happy week.

Tell us about your companion.
My companion is Sister Quijada. she is the best. She is from Cagayan De Oro, Philippines. She is one of the humblest people I have worked with in my mission and I adore her. She is also really loving and we have a lot of laughs. Hoping she is the one to "kill me off" (be my last companion)

Tell us about your ward or is it a branch?
I am still in Rosales 1st ward.  Our investigators feel welcome and love the ward. Everyone just takes them in and welcomes them and it is so nice. SUCH a great ward.

Tell us how many different families you're currently teaching. Tell us what you think will be the greatest lesson you have learned as you served on your mission. We are teaching a mixture of families, spouses, and siblings. Its a blessing to teach people as families and how the gospel really is designed and centered on families. Its not complete without the family unit. 
Greatest lesson question- I will answer at the end of my mission. Still learning lots of lessons every day.

Tell us how you plan to keep those lessons close to your heart when you get back to normal life. 
I am not going to take off my name tag after I get home. It will remind me and it makes all outfits look 10000x better.

Tell us if you think you're going to need time to recover or if you plan to get right back into your schooling. That's a bit of a baited question, I just want to know that you plan to hang around me for a while. 
School will have already started when I get back. so i will just wait for spring semester. maybe work (big girl now). You will have time with me don't worry. You will be sick of me again and want me to move out again.  

Tell me what you think my big surprises for you upon your return.
I have no idea.... 
a husband. 
please dont marry me off just yet. 

Have a great week!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!

This week's pictures...

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Sister Quijada 

Last supper with Bro. and Sister Anderson - they are heading home - we will truly miss them.  

New Companion, Old Area

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This week was crazy. I was sure I was going to transfer but turns out I am staying in Rosales. Hoping that I will be here til the end, because it is a good area. I did get a new companion, Sister Quijada. She is from Cagayan De Oro like Sister Bomediano. She rocks. She is easy going and really humble. She thinks I am funny... so we are happy. haha everything is good as long as she laughs at my dumb jokes. 

The work was a bit rough this week, because of transfer craziness. but we still got to see some good spiritual progress in our investigator friends. Word of Wisdom issues are going away. salamat. 

Time is going by fast. I know I say that in every email. but I can't get over it. I am in my second to last transfer. everyday goes by waaaaaaay too quick. I am dying. Coming home isn't that appealing right now. Sorry. I still love you guys though.

Hope you guys have a good Halloween. Can't wait to see all the pictures of the costumes and everything. 
This week is All Saints Day so everyone is gonna be in the Cemetary  and we will just teach plan of salvation all week so people can know how they'll see those people again, and it will be a good week. 

I have pictures to send this week, but I will send when I can go somewhere that does not delete all the pictures off my USB. Blessed. 

I love you and miss you guys. My November spiritual message to you all. Be grateful. FOR EVERYTHING. I realize when we are genuinely grateful we naturally have a desire to make it up in some way, which usually happens through service or kindness. Especially to Heavenly Father for His blessing, we will naturally desire to follow Him and His will and do better for Him. Gratitude fills our soul and lifts us higher than anything or any problem that pulling us down. Like what the great missionary Ammon says in Alma: 

Alma 26:16 " Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercyand of his long-suffering towards the children of men? Behold, say unto you, cannot say the smallest part which feel." 

Gratitude lifts us to a higher/happier level in our lives that guides us to His will and ultimately to Him. 

I love you and miss you all dearly. Have a great week.

Sister Gentry

My Mission Motto

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Alma 26:12

Meet some of my friends

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Sonny and Rowena.  I love them.

The Gueb Family. They are also golden investigators who are the best. This week we had Family Home Evening with them and we had a blast, even though I almost caught Sister Gueb on fire with my "object lesson." But they got the message. The members thought they were already members and are excited for their whole family. They have some of the best behaved children I have ever met who read in the BOM instead of hanging out with their friends. One day when I have super fast lightening speed internet (when I am home) I will show you the videos of their super talented kids. 

This is Sisters Mhy and Nanay Loreta. The most beautiful ladies in Rosales 1st ward.

All is good and happy...

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I know I am not good at documenting my week to you guys. Hopefully you got some of the pictures I sent, we had some family home evenings this week, and also had good things happen with some of our investigators progress. The weather is kinda cool this week, and all is good and happy. 

I wanted to share a quick insight form the latest general conference that I put in my Mission President's email this week so that you have something spiritual at least coming from me this week. 

I am not sure this was necessarily stated in General Conference but it was a topic that stood out to me, calling those who are on the wayside, calling those who are questioning it, and even to those who are calling their loved ones. I have grown to understand faith a lot more on my mission and I understand now that faith is the most powerful principle of the gospel. It is our access to His power. All we need is the faith the size of a mustard seed, but what if our faith is sometimes bogged down by fears, worries, doubts, questions, and like Peter our faith doesn't seem like enough to keep us walking on the water? I love the story in the Bible about the man who needs help healing his son and when the Savior asks him if he believes he exclaims, "Lord, I believe; Help thou mine unbelief." I understood that phrase a bit more now. He was probably so desperate. His son threw himself in fires, foams at the mouth, agonizes in pain. All he hoped for in his heart is for his son to be healed. So he went to the Savior, but maybe when he asked him if he believes, he really wants to, but can't remove the doubts and the fears that keep coming up, so he begs the Lord to "help [his] unbelief." The Savior heals his son because He is merciful and loving and because of that man's simple desire to believe. 

The talks in conference seemed to reply/counsel on this topic that when you have fears, doubts, or concerns are hindering your faith, focus on your DESIRES to believe. Ask the Lord to help your unbelief, because you need your little faith to work, you want your faith to be able to carry you to the end and help you access His power, and by this story and those talks given, we know it can. Rely on Him, rely on your desire, and ask him, "help thou mine unbelief." 

I love you alll!!!! sooooooo much. Praying for everyone of you. miss you 


All is well.

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This week we focused a lot on Less Actives because we have about 600 less actives in the ward. So we found less active families, and even some less actives who reached out to us themselves and have started working with them. Yesterday at church we had many of them come to church for the first time in a long time. And now we are just trying to get them back for good. Sometimes you don't always see success in baptizing but it is good to see success in retaining and rescuing members. 

Our investigators are still doing good- some are progressing some are hiding... hahah but the progressing ones are really, really good families. Hopefully we will see these families be baptized in the next few months. Just gotta keep working on the cigarettes.... but there was progress this week!

Sister Stromberg (housemate and batchmate in the mtc) ate Balut* this week again for some reason... I don't know. But it was horrible. Sister Stromberg has the whole video.

We had a family home evening this week with an investigator family and their kids joined and there were lots of members. It was a lot of fun. For Family Home Evening here, we just have a song, prayer, quick lesson/message then LOTS of games. There are a lot of really funny games here that make you just mostly embarrass yourself and then if you lose you have some kind of consequence that typically results in you, again, embarrassing yourself in front of everyone. I am always the loser. ALWAYS. 

Women's conference was really inspiring this week. I was touched by Elder Uchtdorf's talk. and about the other talks in womens conference. I know I am behind because  you have already seen general conference but I am excited for it this week. We are going to use it as an invitation to all here, to come listen to the living prophets voice so that they know God still calls prophets to guide us even in this time. 

How is the family doing? Any new news? How is the ward doing? etc. Hey, is it true in Russia that missionaries cannot proslyte anymore?  How are they going to find or baptize etc?? So glad that I am assigned here where people literally talk of God as you are checking out in the grocery store. BEST Mission! Top in the Philippines now and in the world now!! At least that's what our President tells us, because we may be bias ;)

Gotta go - We are gonna do P-Day, grocery, gotta look for an outfit to wear to our leadership meeting this week :) that's about it. Getting sick of p- days, kind of... I love you and miss you so much.  

*A balut is a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell :|

Ten facts about my mission.

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1) I cut my hair. You probably won't notice because my hair was always up before. But I did cut it and now I can't put it up anymore. But, I think its good, because Its helping me look a bit more presentable. 

2) I hit 14 months this week and my companion and I are in the same batch going home. so we celebrated having 4 months left (to work really, really hard!)​

3) I helped a man chop wood this week, and it just actually made more work for him and caused traffic, but he said thank you, and accepted a pamphlet, so success. ​

4) someone remembered me for planting rice a few weeks ago and told me that my rice plants are healthy and thriving and I can go by and harvest them now. 

5) Got sick for the first time of my whole mission. It was for one day and not a big thing. So hopefully I can call it good and not have to get sick ever again. 

7) I ate dog. yes. It tastes just like every other meat, but then afterward they told me that its actually illegal and you have to ask around and stuff to find someone who is willing to kill and sell you the dog. So its just all really sketchy and I will never do it again. *we also celebrated with a pig's head for a member's birthday. They say that we look like each other.. haha)

8) Christmas started in the Philippines and we have already sung away in a manger at least once a day in our lessons. 

9)It is stake conference here in Rosales and it was really good, all about Family History, because it is fairly young here. They are really, really working on getting it to grow and flourish here in the Philippines. I am grateful for the extensive research that grandma and grandpa have done for our family and truly amazed at how wonderful Family History was. I didn't understand how important and special it is to do work for the dead until I have been doing the work for the living. Because there are a lot of people who really want these blessings.  I am sure the missionaries in the spirit world are really good and lots of people anxiously wait for us to simply put their name in and take it to the temple so they can enjoy the fullness and richness of the blessings that we do. I am SURE they do help and guide those who are willing to search for them. Converted to family history now. ​

10) Also, I have been studying the conversion qualifications in D&C 20:37 and notice patterns throughout the Book of Mormon of when people show these traits and characteristics as they accept the gospel from prophets such as Alma, King Benjamin.. etc. I really love the story in Mosiah 5 where they all CRY out forsaking their sins and covenant to serve the Lord endlessly and do His will following his commandments all the remainder of their days... Their hearts swelled, they were overwhelmed with joy. They had felt the "song of redeeming love." It doesn't last forever. Conversion can happen and must happen over and over again all our lives. That's why we need to renew our covenants and visit the temple to remember them and stuff, because if not, it can go away. But if you are constantly converting yourself, that love and that joy just swells in you and gives you the peace and security that we need to get through and ENJOY this life. So if it ever feels a little weak, just immerse yourself in the things that you did before. Renew your covenants, talk with Heavenly Father, seperate yourself from the habits or sins that weigh you down, and your heart will swell once again. I found peace in this this week. I wonder if this is the happiest I will ever be, or if I will be able to hold on to this "conversion" from my mission throughout my 
life, and the answer is YES and it can actually become more concrete and more sure as I continue to convert myself throughout my life. Grateful for the blessings of the Gospel and for the never ending progress and happiness we can work towards and achieve. 


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It was a busy week. Highlights:

My best friend got engaged to a man that my family LOVES!  WOOO congrats to Jake and Lynnette <3 All my emails talk about how great Jake is -   even from my parents and siblings :))) CONGRATS and LOVE Y'ALL haha. Wish I could be there so bad but excited for all the pictures and wedding details. 

I was with Sister Montenegro this week for exchanges and Sister Stromberg joined with us for a few hours while she waited for her new companion. So we were three American sisters walking down the street.  It was quite the scene! We all have brown hair and brown eyes, so of course, we told everyone we were  triplets. Also, ate dinner with the Andersons (senior couple upstairs). They made us tacos and muffins. A lot of America on Wednesday.

We met a lot of new investigators this week,  a lot of couples and families which is very good. One of our new investigators had Jesus Christ appear to her in a dream the night after we first taught her, and when she explained him, we showed her a picture in the pamphlet of Jesus Christ and she said, "He looked like that! except his clothes were different, but white and long still.." He didnt say anything to her, like "Listen to the sisters or get baptized" but she did accept the Book of Mormon happily and came to church the next day with her husband. 

We got our pants this week also, for the mosquitos... but it is no bueno. So we probably won't be wearing them for the sake of the people.. I will just stick to skirts and bug spray in order to avoid looking like a 87 year old woman. 

Also, I was just sitting in the wheelchair at church because lack of seating and they all started laughing because my clothes make me look like an old grandma... (they all started "blessing" me. This is where the filipinos take your hand and put it to their head, it is what is customary to do for old nanays..) 

Its gonna be another great week, because its constantly raining and its not that hot. Everyday is a good day here, because "It's more fun in the Philippines)

I Love you all so much.  Thanks for your letters and prayers.

Love, Sister Gentry

Hello from the other side (of the world)

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I know that my subject title is from an Adele song and that I am not supposed to know the new Adele song, but I still have ears and we will leave it at that. 

It was a GOOD week. Lots of New people. Lots of Lesson 1: The Restoration. and lots of workshops. We are finding a lot this week and every week, because we gotta find the elect. Its fun to meet new people especially when you get to learn about their lives and their situations. I am constantly thankful for the example of the people here. 

Highlights for this week:
A few of our new investigators asked QUESTIONS. I love when people ask questions after the lesson. Good questions that apply to the lesson, and then when they say, "yeah that makes sense. Joseph smith is probably no different that moses or abraham." THANK YOU. 

Our ward had a mini-MTC where we taught PMG principles to future and ward missionaries. we had white nametags and pretended to be investigators and stuff as we helped them learn how to share the gospel. Now when the members work with us, they are teaching principles, asking good questions, sharing scriptures. ITs the best. Definitely has made a difference in our teaching. 

Zone Conference was also this week. IT WAS SO GOOD. President Deyro brought back some of the people he taught and baptized in his mission. Now fully active families, with returned missionaries. the workshop was on about your fruits as a missionary remaining. Lots of good inspiration from Heavenly Father on how better to do the work. 

Learning a lot about things that truly matter in the mission. Things that really need focus and lots of new techniques that can be used. I kinda wish I had known this stuff a year ago, but it doesnt mean that I can't make the remaining months my best months. 
I love and am grateful for every single one of you. especially for rachel for writing me and sending pictures. Also, congrats to walker on the drivers license before you at least turned 18. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS. praying for you and I am reading and loving the letters even though I struggle at replying:)

Me and my housemates
The District 
Me and Sister Stromberg

A few of the loveliest people on earth

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So happy here.

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This was a long week with lots of meetings, lots of different companions and lots of traveling, whoa...It started out with "BES" Sister Bomediano going home:( It was hard because we had a good time this last transfer but that's life on the mission. So now I officially only have one previous companion still in the mission. All my friends leave me. haha 

I have a new comp and we are in the batch going home, so we are both leaving at the same time. Her name is Sister Derecho she's from Manila.

After Nanay Loreta got baptized, we had run out of Investigators. so we have been doing a lot of finding lately and it is really fun. We have taught a lot of different people, and I mean "different." One lesson we realized the man was REALLY drunk about half way through the lesson because he all of a sudden just fell out of his chair onto the floor.  Nothing really happened he just tipped over. So it was kind of awkward and he was embarrassed so we just closed immediately and left with a prayer. The next day he saw us and introduced himself again like we had never met so he obviously doesnt remember a thing.

One afternoon we stopped by a certain house. They were outside cooking in the front so we started talking to them about their pigs, trying not to be intimidating.  After discussing the difference between native pigs and unnative pigs and the size of their babies and what they eat, we offered to give a blessing on their home and a happy message. They agreed and had ALL their kids join. There is a total of 8 of them and they all listened, including dad. The mom said, "white madam says come listen. COME." so all of them listened. It was a good lesson. they were attentive and as we were talking about Jesus Christ the mom was touched and started to tear up. I AM PRAYING that this family makes some progress. Their problem is that they are FAR from the church so the travel to church is expensive but of course nothing is impossible with Faith. we will keep trying with them and continue to teach families.

I am so HAPPY here and everything is going good. Little stressed, but stress is healthy and I know that its all in good hands. I am happy to hear about everyone back at home. Although I want to be there with you, enjoying with you, I wouldn't switch this for anything.

I will attach some pictures so that dad is happy. 
Sister Gentry

Sister Bomediano

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This is a sweet email we received from Sam's companion Sister Bomediano who just returned home:

Hi! Gentry Family! Im safe at home now :) the adjustment is hard. The schedule, going out with no one by my side is scary and the music is loud. But I know i'll be able to get through this. 

I miss Sister Gentry! Ha! My emails for her was long . I miss my areas and people there too, I wish I can be a full time missionary forever . 

How are you guys? I wanna know more about your family because i've hears alot from Sister Gentry and your family is inspiring ;) especially you brother Kurt and Sister cathy :) 

Hopefully I can meet you personally someday ;) 
Take care ;)

Nancy Loreta's Baptism

Next week I'll do better....

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I know, I know... You are going to be disappointed with my letter this week. It is just a small update. Lots of uneventlful things have happened this week. LOTS of traveling this week. I did meet some people who served in the Iloilo mission. They asked me where I was from and I told them Bountiful, Utah.  Then they asked me if I knew of the Robinsons in our ward. I remembered that they served there. Small world that we were able to connect. That is all... But of course, the work is good. I could report to you about a lot of other stuff that is pretty much only interesting to missionaries in the Philippines Urdaneta mission. I am really sorry, there just isn't much to report on this week. I will do better. I have been reading a lot of Elder Holland talks this week, because my comp has his book, "To My Friends" man, he has POWER! Loving reading his talks. I would love for you guys to share some good talks or good personal study topics. How are the siblings and all the kids. 
I loved your emails this week. I am excited to see that house when I get back. Time is going by SO FAST. I know I say that all the time, but its blowing my mind that I have just 6 months left. Wish it could last longer. but this is the time for me to really give it my all. So that is my goal these next six months is to do anything and everything that I know I need to and that I know the Lord wants me to. This includes writing better emails and in my journal at least one line every night. so that I can better remember everything. 
Thank you for your letters and your love. really. and thank you for the inspiration that you guys give me. I live downstairs from the senior couple here in Rosales and they remind me a lot of you two, comforting to have them they. They also chastize and counsel me to be better at writing letters and also not to DELAY when I get home. haha  I can really see you guys doing good things serving a mission. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE, YOU GUYS. thank you for everything. 
Love, your beloved daughter. 

Happy in Rosales

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This week was a good week. There has been a lot of celebrations for me this past few weeks with my birthday and my one year mark. Also my companion is into celebrating so its a party. But don't worry, we are also working hard. I can't believe I hit my one year this week. It DOES NOT feel like a year ago.  I had like a mid-mission crisis the other day 'cuz I realized how fast time is going by and I am really not happy about it. Time just keeps going by faster and faster especially when you are enjoying your area and companion. Six months is not enough time, but I will take it. I am grateful I made this decision to serve a mission, I have not regretted it one day I have been out here, even on the days that were really, really difficult and I wasn't sure I could do it, I still knew that it was the best thing for me. 

My area is really good right now. I am in Rosales and pretty much there is nothing to dislike. Our apartment is a resort, the ward is EXTREMELY helpful and active in missionary work and my companion and I get a long really well. Also it rains everyday so it's never really hot. NOTHING to complain about except the fact that my companion goes home in three weeks.
We had another baptism this week, it was the nephew of the investigator that got baptized last week with her daughter. We also started teaching their grandma so maybe we can make their whole family Mormon:) 

I got the package this week. THANK YOU for all the chocolate. THANK YOU haha.  Also thank you for the books. We have been studying the Answers book about Mormonism so that we are able to answer when people want to debate with us.   One day this week we went and visited our investigator that always likes to debate. She has been pretty good these past few visits but the last one she was ready from the very start. I usually try to stay calm and just testify, but this last time, she basically stated she doesnt like the idea of eternal families ... Adam and Eve are the reason she has problems... got a little heated up, but we stayed cool and smiling, just handed her back her Book of Mormon and told her to read it if she wants to know "what we have to say about that." We love her and know one day she would make a good gospel doctrine teacher. 

I have made new goals for the next six months like journal entries and better letters home. 
Thats all for now. 


Give everyone my love, wish I could have joined you all in your travels this week, but still enjoying my "travels" right now. 


Sister Gentry

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Isn't that an awesome banner?!

My crew

There's that awesome banner again


McDonald's love

My awesome companion Sister Bomediano

I had a good birthday this week and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all the notes and messages from everyone. Love, love, love you all! 

My birthday was good thanks to my companion, Sister Bomediano. From the moment I woke up we started the celebration. They all woke me up with a bucket of ice being poured on me, then had breakfast made. For lunch we celebrated at Mcdonalds. Then after working, when we got home, they had the house decorated with a banner and balloons filled with messages from the missionaries in my zone, cake and party poppers. It was a good birthday and I was so happy that I got to spend it here in the Philippines. They traditionally eat pancit (noodle dish) and spaghetti with chocolate cake always.

It was a Happy Birthday!


Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day Dad! Hope you get this letter before you go to sleep so that I am still on time. 

This week has been a crazy and somewhat challenging week but extremely rewarding. This week my "anak" got called to be a trainer so even though we are still in training I am have confidence that she will be a good trainer. I am leaving my area and going to a new one. It is really hard to leave an area that you have been in for 6 months and say goodbye to the people you love so dearly, but it is time for me to move on. I am extremely grateful for the people I have met and especially for the converts here in Villasis. There were tears yesterday with them as I said goodbye and there have been even more tears between me and my companion. I am amazed at how much my heart has grown to love others, much more than back then. I realize how self-centered my concerns were before I came out here, and I am eternally grateful for that change. 

I am enjoying and loving everyday that I have serving Heavenly Father. My heart swells in gratitude for Him and for him giving you to me as a father. 

Dont worry, I will continue to give these last months my full heart and effort. 
Love your daughter and favorite missionary, 
Sister Gentry

I LOVE it here

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