Attitude of Gratitude

Since it's Sunday, I have been reflecting on all the things I am grateful for. In an effort to be positive (just regular mood positive, not like positive for drugs or anything), I felt it would be good for me to share with you the things that I am grateful for, because obviously if you focus on the good things then you will become less aware of the bad or annoying things in life (like BYU police).
So this week I am grateful for:

1) School. I am really grateful for school despite the fact that it kicks my trash sometimes. Because of school, I will be able to have a job one day and not have to live in my parent's home for the rest of my life. And friends, I finally got my schedule arranged the way I wanted it and am in all the classes I want to be in. I am especially grateful for not very much homework this week, because things like this can happen and its okay.
Thank YOU Aubrey. 'preciate it. 

2) Also, ditching school. On Thursday, my sister-in-law asked me if I could watch my niece, Liesl, while she went to a lunch in Provo. Duh. That one was easy, Of course! Yeah, yeah, I was supposed to go to school or something that day but really how could I not spend time with this angel.

I mean, really. You can't blame me. 
All I missed was Book of Mormon, and we learn about the gospel in that class and one of the main teachings of the gospel is the importance of families, so it would have actually been sinful for me not to spend time with her (think about it). Liesl and I hung out at the dorm for a little while, then took a walk around campus for a while. People kept stopping me to tell me how beautiful she was. (yeah, I know! Thx) It's true what the movies say, BABIES ARE CHICK MAGNETS. Unfortunately for me, they aren't really men magnets. Shame. 

3) Chocolate Cake. In return for watching Liesl, Corinne brought me a piece of chocolate cake from Magleby's. I had never been there before but you better believe I will be trekking to my car soon to get some more cake. But really, People of the Universe, you MUST try this cake (and no, I am not getting paid by Magleby's to say this because that would be just a waste of money considering that only my mom reads this).
I got cake for watching a cute child. WIN WIN WIN ALL AROUND
4) I am grateful for my friends. I have pretty much always been blessed with FANTASTIC friends and there has been no exception since coming to BYU. I have met really great people here and made really great friendships. Especially with Courtney and Lynnette. We pretty much find a way to see each other everyday. This weekend we went and saw Unbroken. Such. A. Good. Movie. Courtney was REALLY STRESSED OUT after the movie because it's pretty intense, but I just wanted to see it again. There were really handsome men in that movie. Like a lot of REALLY good looking guys.



so cute

very nice

ugh. so handsome

kill me


Oh yeah, and the message of the movie was good too. After we went and saw the best movie ever. We came back to hang out with Aubrey but girlfriend went to bed at 9. On a Friday. But its okay, we forgave her. Then we went to the only place open in Utah after 10. Wal-Mart. Orem Wal-Mart is kinda creepy and even more so at night, so we left. My friends are also very patient with me, so much so that they let me wash my car at midnight and patiently waited as I shampooed mats, cleaned tires, windows and the outside of my car (don't worry it rained the next day so it was all in vain). But yeah, that pretty much sums up a typical night with us. We have fun. 

Like I said, they are VERY patient with me.
5) Finally, I am grateful for my family. I love my family like a whole bunch. This past weekend, My siblings (minus Rachel unfortunately) and I got to drive to California together sans parents and children. I love my parents and I love the small children of the family, but it was a lot fun to spend some time with them. I have really been blessed with a great family. I am definitely one of those people that would rather spend time with their family than anyone else. Pretty much because they laugh at all of my jokes. Walker and I grew up together (the rest of my siblings are a lot older than me) and I was watching some videos he used to make the other day. It made my heart melt. He was so cute back then. Take some time and enjoy a little glimpse of the MANY lego videos he used to make.
"He's an awesome clone. Love him a lot"

"But it's America, We'll make it."

Yeah, I know. He used to be SO CUTE. Now he's like really tall and stuff and has lots of girlfriends and lots of hormones (we've all been there). I still love him even though he is way cooler than the rest of our family. 
Obviously his style is somewhat perplexing to us. #dadjokes

To end this post, I'll give you all something to be grateful for. Be grateful that a picture like this does not exist of you. Lynnette is very good at documenting practically EVERYTHING (sometimes good, mostly bad for example, her last blog post and this picture).



  1. one day I'm sure you'll thank me for my diligent documentation.


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