Happy in Rosales

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This week was a good week. There has been a lot of celebrations for me this past few weeks with my birthday and my one year mark. Also my companion is into celebrating so its a party. But don't worry, we are also working hard. I can't believe I hit my one year this week. It DOES NOT feel like a year ago.  I had like a mid-mission crisis the other day 'cuz I realized how fast time is going by and I am really not happy about it. Time just keeps going by faster and faster especially when you are enjoying your area and companion. Six months is not enough time, but I will take it. I am grateful I made this decision to serve a mission, I have not regretted it one day I have been out here, even on the days that were really, really difficult and I wasn't sure I could do it, I still knew that it was the best thing for me. 

My area is really good right now. I am in Rosales and pretty much there is nothing to dislike. Our apartment is a resort, the ward is EXTREMELY helpful and active in missionary work and my companion and I get a long really well. Also it rains everyday so it's never really hot. NOTHING to complain about except the fact that my companion goes home in three weeks.
We had another baptism this week, it was the nephew of the investigator that got baptized last week with her daughter. We also started teaching their grandma so maybe we can make their whole family Mormon:) 

I got the package this week. THANK YOU for all the chocolate. THANK YOU haha.  Also thank you for the books. We have been studying the Answers book about Mormonism so that we are able to answer when people want to debate with us.   One day this week we went and visited our investigator that always likes to debate. She has been pretty good these past few visits but the last one she was ready from the very start. I usually try to stay calm and just testify, but this last time, she basically stated she doesnt like the idea of eternal families ... Adam and Eve are the reason she has problems... got a little heated up, but we stayed cool and smiling, just handed her back her Book of Mormon and told her to read it if she wants to know "what we have to say about that." We love her and know one day she would make a good gospel doctrine teacher. 

I have made new goals for the next six months like journal entries and better letters home. 
Thats all for now. 


Give everyone my love, wish I could have joined you all in your travels this week, but still enjoying my "travels" right now. 


Sister Gentry


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