Ten facts about my mission.

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1) I cut my hair. You probably won't notice because my hair was always up before. But I did cut it and now I can't put it up anymore. But, I think its good, because Its helping me look a bit more presentable. 

2) I hit 14 months this week and my companion and I are in the same batch going home. so we celebrated having 4 months left (to work really, really hard!)​

3) I helped a man chop wood this week, and it just actually made more work for him and caused traffic, but he said thank you, and accepted a pamphlet, so success. ​

4) someone remembered me for planting rice a few weeks ago and told me that my rice plants are healthy and thriving and I can go by and harvest them now. 

5) Got sick for the first time of my whole mission. It was for one day and not a big thing. So hopefully I can call it good and not have to get sick ever again. 

7) I ate dog. yes. It tastes just like every other meat, but then afterward they told me that its actually illegal and you have to ask around and stuff to find someone who is willing to kill and sell you the dog. So its just all really sketchy and I will never do it again. *we also celebrated with a pig's head for a member's birthday. They say that we look like each other.. haha)

8) Christmas started in the Philippines and we have already sung away in a manger at least once a day in our lessons. 

9)It is stake conference here in Rosales and it was really good, all about Family History, because it is fairly young here. They are really, really working on getting it to grow and flourish here in the Philippines. I am grateful for the extensive research that grandma and grandpa have done for our family and truly amazed at how wonderful Family History was. I didn't understand how important and special it is to do work for the dead until I have been doing the work for the living. Because there are a lot of people who really want these blessings.  I am sure the missionaries in the spirit world are really good and lots of people anxiously wait for us to simply put their name in and take it to the temple so they can enjoy the fullness and richness of the blessings that we do. I am SURE they do help and guide those who are willing to search for them. Converted to family history now. ​

10) Also, I have been studying the conversion qualifications in D&C 20:37 and notice patterns throughout the Book of Mormon of when people show these traits and characteristics as they accept the gospel from prophets such as Alma, King Benjamin.. etc. I really love the story in Mosiah 5 where they all CRY out forsaking their sins and covenant to serve the Lord endlessly and do His will following his commandments all the remainder of their days... Their hearts swelled, they were overwhelmed with joy. They had felt the "song of redeeming love." It doesn't last forever. Conversion can happen and must happen over and over again all our lives. That's why we need to renew our covenants and visit the temple to remember them and stuff, because if not, it can go away. But if you are constantly converting yourself, that love and that joy just swells in you and gives you the peace and security that we need to get through and ENJOY this life. So if it ever feels a little weak, just immerse yourself in the things that you did before. Renew your covenants, talk with Heavenly Father, seperate yourself from the habits or sins that weigh you down, and your heart will swell once again. I found peace in this this week. I wonder if this is the happiest I will ever be, or if I will be able to hold on to this "conversion" from my mission throughout my 
life, and the answer is YES and it can actually become more concrete and more sure as I continue to convert myself throughout my life. Grateful for the blessings of the Gospel and for the never ending progress and happiness we can work towards and achieve. 


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It was a busy week. Highlights:

My best friend got engaged to a man that my family LOVES!  WOOO congrats to Jake and Lynnette <3 All my emails talk about how great Jake is -   even from my parents and siblings :))) CONGRATS and LOVE Y'ALL haha. Wish I could be there so bad but excited for all the pictures and wedding details. 

I was with Sister Montenegro this week for exchanges and Sister Stromberg joined with us for a few hours while she waited for her new companion. So we were three American sisters walking down the street.  It was quite the scene! We all have brown hair and brown eyes, so of course, we told everyone we were  triplets. Also, ate dinner with the Andersons (senior couple upstairs). They made us tacos and muffins. A lot of America on Wednesday.

We met a lot of new investigators this week,  a lot of couples and families which is very good. One of our new investigators had Jesus Christ appear to her in a dream the night after we first taught her, and when she explained him, we showed her a picture in the pamphlet of Jesus Christ and she said, "He looked like that! except his clothes were different, but white and long still.." He didnt say anything to her, like "Listen to the sisters or get baptized" but she did accept the Book of Mormon happily and came to church the next day with her husband. 

We got our pants this week also, for the mosquitos... but it is no bueno. So we probably won't be wearing them for the sake of the people.. I will just stick to skirts and bug spray in order to avoid looking like a 87 year old woman. 

Also, I was just sitting in the wheelchair at church because lack of seating and they all started laughing because my clothes make me look like an old grandma... (they all started "blessing" me. This is where the filipinos take your hand and put it to their head, it is what is customary to do for old nanays..) 

Its gonna be another great week, because its constantly raining and its not that hot. Everyday is a good day here, because "It's more fun in the Philippines)

I Love you all so much.  Thanks for your letters and prayers.

Love, Sister Gentry

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