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This week we focused a lot on Less Actives because we have about 600 less actives in the ward. So we found less active families, and even some less actives who reached out to us themselves and have started working with them. Yesterday at church we had many of them come to church for the first time in a long time. And now we are just trying to get them back for good. Sometimes you don't always see success in baptizing but it is good to see success in retaining and rescuing members. 

Our investigators are still doing good- some are progressing some are hiding... hahah but the progressing ones are really, really good families. Hopefully we will see these families be baptized in the next few months. Just gotta keep working on the cigarettes.... but there was progress this week!

Sister Stromberg (housemate and batchmate in the mtc) ate Balut* this week again for some reason... I don't know. But it was horrible. Sister Stromberg has the whole video.

We had a family home evening this week with an investigator family and their kids joined and there were lots of members. It was a lot of fun. For Family Home Evening here, we just have a song, prayer, quick lesson/message then LOTS of games. There are a lot of really funny games here that make you just mostly embarrass yourself and then if you lose you have some kind of consequence that typically results in you, again, embarrassing yourself in front of everyone. I am always the loser. ALWAYS. 

Women's conference was really inspiring this week. I was touched by Elder Uchtdorf's talk. and about the other talks in womens conference. I know I am behind because  you have already seen general conference but I am excited for it this week. We are going to use it as an invitation to all here, to come listen to the living prophets voice so that they know God still calls prophets to guide us even in this time. 

How is the family doing? Any new news? How is the ward doing? etc. Hey, is it true in Russia that missionaries cannot proslyte anymore?  How are they going to find or baptize etc?? So glad that I am assigned here where people literally talk of God as you are checking out in the grocery store. BEST Mission! Top in the Philippines now and in the world now!! At least that's what our President tells us, because we may be bias ;)

Gotta go - We are gonna do P-Day, grocery, gotta look for an outfit to wear to our leadership meeting this week :) that's about it. Getting sick of p- days, kind of... I love you and miss you so much.  

*A balut is a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell :|


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