All is good and happy...

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I know I am not good at documenting my week to you guys. Hopefully you got some of the pictures I sent, we had some family home evenings this week, and also had good things happen with some of our investigators progress. The weather is kinda cool this week, and all is good and happy. 

I wanted to share a quick insight form the latest general conference that I put in my Mission President's email this week so that you have something spiritual at least coming from me this week. 

I am not sure this was necessarily stated in General Conference but it was a topic that stood out to me, calling those who are on the wayside, calling those who are questioning it, and even to those who are calling their loved ones. I have grown to understand faith a lot more on my mission and I understand now that faith is the most powerful principle of the gospel. It is our access to His power. All we need is the faith the size of a mustard seed, but what if our faith is sometimes bogged down by fears, worries, doubts, questions, and like Peter our faith doesn't seem like enough to keep us walking on the water? I love the story in the Bible about the man who needs help healing his son and when the Savior asks him if he believes he exclaims, "Lord, I believe; Help thou mine unbelief." I understood that phrase a bit more now. He was probably so desperate. His son threw himself in fires, foams at the mouth, agonizes in pain. All he hoped for in his heart is for his son to be healed. So he went to the Savior, but maybe when he asked him if he believes, he really wants to, but can't remove the doubts and the fears that keep coming up, so he begs the Lord to "help [his] unbelief." The Savior heals his son because He is merciful and loving and because of that man's simple desire to believe. 

The talks in conference seemed to reply/counsel on this topic that when you have fears, doubts, or concerns are hindering your faith, focus on your DESIRES to believe. Ask the Lord to help your unbelief, because you need your little faith to work, you want your faith to be able to carry you to the end and help you access His power, and by this story and those talks given, we know it can. Rely on Him, rely on your desire, and ask him, "help thou mine unbelief." 

I love you alll!!!! sooooooo much. Praying for everyone of you. miss you 



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