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I know, I know... You are going to be disappointed with my letter this week. It is just a small update. Lots of uneventlful things have happened this week. LOTS of traveling this week. I did meet some people who served in the Iloilo mission. They asked me where I was from and I told them Bountiful, Utah.  Then they asked me if I knew of the Robinsons in our ward. I remembered that they served there. Small world that we were able to connect. That is all... But of course, the work is good. I could report to you about a lot of other stuff that is pretty much only interesting to missionaries in the Philippines Urdaneta mission. I am really sorry, there just isn't much to report on this week. I will do better. I have been reading a lot of Elder Holland talks this week, because my comp has his book, "To My Friends" man, he has POWER! Loving reading his talks. I would love for you guys to share some good talks or good personal study topics. How are the siblings and all the kids. 
I loved your emails this week. I am excited to see that house when I get back. Time is going by SO FAST. I know I say that all the time, but its blowing my mind that I have just 6 months left. Wish it could last longer. but this is the time for me to really give it my all. So that is my goal these next six months is to do anything and everything that I know I need to and that I know the Lord wants me to. This includes writing better emails and in my journal at least one line every night. so that I can better remember everything. 
Thank you for your letters and your love. really. and thank you for the inspiration that you guys give me. I live downstairs from the senior couple here in Rosales and they remind me a lot of you two, comforting to have them they. They also chastize and counsel me to be better at writing letters and also not to DELAY when I get home. haha  I can really see you guys doing good things serving a mission. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE, YOU GUYS. thank you for everything. 
Love, your beloved daughter. 


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