When you can't find people to teach....

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you teach the animals....

Valentine's Day

My Sistah's

No transfer this time....

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Hi dear family and friends,  

This week was transfer week. but no transfers… I am still here in Villasis with Sister Untong. Which means that I will be with her until the end of her mission. I am happy because we have some families that are progressing and are scheduled to be baptized. So I may be in Villasis for a while which is good because I love this area! They celebrate Valentine’s Day here in the Philippines of course. Its not a huge deal but there is a Valentine’s party planned for the ward here on Friday which that will be a lot of fun. 
My companion Sister Untong is from Mindanao or the southern part of the Philippines. She is really cool and we get a long really well, that is maybe why we are together for two transfers.  The weather is a bit cooler, YAY!  But…STILL LOTS OF MOSQUITOS!

Edward and Silvia are the couple I’ve told you about. Edward seemed like he was going to be hard-hearted and non-receptive at first, but from the moment we taught the first vision, he has completely softened and wants this for his family. He of course, has a drinking and smoking problem that is proving to be difficult, but I think their conversion means more when they have to sacrifice and work to qualify, so for me, it is a blessing. We finally got him to pray in lessons, and he weeps every time, because he feels the spirit. On Monday, we had family home evening with them, and when he gave the closing remarks, he thanked us for bringing the blessing of the gospel to their family. We were all a bit teary eyed because of his remarks. This work is so much bigger than me and my companion. The miracles and the change that I witness in others is a testament of His influence in this work. There really is no other power that could do this. 

Wow, I can’t believe eight months is coming up.... SO FAST. It is killing me and makes me sad. I have been waiting for this my whole life and it is flying by. :(((  I LOVE WHAT I’M DOING!!!

Gotta go. Tell Walker to date nice girls, and CUT his hair. 


Sister Gentry

Life is goooood!

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My comp and I in a trike. She has a flower on her nose... she went around singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. The lyrics were wrong... "rudolph the red nose reindeer, everybody in the sky...." we just laughed the whole day. Also, I have a scar on my eye because I ran into someone's house... too tall.

My comp and I with one of our investigators. 

Me and Melencio, he is one of the primary kids. We have a crush on each other... ha. 

January 31, 2016

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The FAMILY WE ARE TEACHING CAME TO CHURCH! Sister Silvia has been taking the lessons, but her husband didn't want her to come to the "Mormon" because they had to go to Manaog (the biggest catholic church probs in the world.. google it.)  But this past week we finally got the chance to teach Brother Silvia and he has had a huge change of heart! He and his wife and their children all came yesterday. He says he feels so good, he wants to always go to chruch to feel this way. In our lesson yesterday, we asked him to give the closing prayer and he was apprehensive, kept declining, but then he finally gave in and prayed for us for the first time. During his prayer he started crying as he thanked God for His plan and this message. I continually realize that this is definitely God's work, it is humbling...I know that any change or any miracle in those we teach, is not because I did a good job, it is all because of the Spirit. The Spirit truly can create any kind of miracle. It can completely change people. MY heart is full, I am truly so happy for this family. It was a good week. 
That was the highlight...
How is everyone there? Walkdog? the children? anyone pregnant yet?? Update me people.
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