Happy Birthday to Me!

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Isn't that an awesome banner?!

My crew

There's that awesome banner again


McDonald's love

My awesome companion Sister Bomediano

I had a good birthday this week and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all the notes and messages from everyone. Love, love, love you all! 

My birthday was good thanks to my companion, Sister Bomediano. From the moment I woke up we started the celebration. They all woke me up with a bucket of ice being poured on me, then had breakfast made. For lunch we celebrated at Mcdonalds. Then after working, when we got home, they had the house decorated with a banner and balloons filled with messages from the missionaries in my zone, cake and party poppers. It was a good birthday and I was so happy that I got to spend it here in the Philippines. They traditionally eat pancit (noodle dish) and spaghetti with chocolate cake always.

It was a Happy Birthday!



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