The BEST week...

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My favorite family in the world got baptized this week. woohoo!!! If I don't baptize one more person on my mission, I would be okay with that because I love these people... like a WHOLE lot. 

The Baptism was successful, in that everyone got baptized. everything else was a bit of a stress. THANK the Lord our mission president showed up to the baptism, if he hadn't there, I would have had to baptize them, and that just would not have worked. even though he was soaking wet when he left, he was happy to do it. Good thing we have A REALLY AWESOME mission president! (he also informed me this week that he reads my emails on my blog, so he will probably see that). 

Edward and Sylvia and Patricia were some of the happiest people I have seen come out of the font. There conversion story is a long one. Sylvia has been taught before a couple times and when we went to her again, she basically told us that there was no use, she wanted to go to church but it was too difficult to convince her husband. So, we taught her husband. He was a bit rough at first. But the man softened up as soon as we taught about the first vision and the restoration of the church. His was probably the most spiritual first lesson I have had in my whole mission. As we began to teach him, we could tell that he was interested and that was good. He accepted the baptismal date on the first lesson, but we knew that there was going to be some difficulties arise in preparing them and helping them accept the gospel. 

This family has experienced an immense amount of trials since we began teaching them. Deaths in the families, sickness, getting over addictions and relapses, and other problems. But while all these things were going on, they said, they are still the happiest they have ever been in their life because of the gospel. They said, that although things are extremely difficult in this life, when you TRULY know the Savior Jesus Christ, you feel peace and happiness despite of it. Theirs was a mighty change. and it was all because of some power that is greater than any one of us here on earth. The power of the Atonement and love of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to have known this family and be able to witness the mighty change that is brought about in the lives of those who accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

It was a good week because of their baptism. My companion now has 8 days left and she is going home (I have 300 left, haha don't joke, don't count.) So we are doing our best to enjoy our time that we have left. She has been my longest companion, so I am sad to see her go. 

A lot of really funny experiences this week cuz filipinos are hilarious. One of our new investigators who is a really wealthy older lady, she has like a personal driver and everything. Anyway, she interrupted the lesson to tell us a story. We thought it would be about her life. It was actually just a REALLY DIRTY and kind of sacreligious joke about Peter and an "entertainer" on judgement day... that's all I will say. 

Quote of the week: we were walking down the street, and there were a BUNCH of kids playing in the middle of the street. They all stopped and stared (that's normal) and then one kid yells out and says, "AMERIKANA AMERIKANA!!! 'Ching-Chant, ching-chong'!" hahaha we were DYING. I love these little filipino kids. 



Love, your favorite missionary, 

Sister Gentry

Scenes from Urdaneta

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The beautiful area we live in - green!

Our Barangay (neighborhood)

Zone Conference

My two little friends.

Kids love us! and we love them. 

Just a small missionary payday....

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This week was good. Our Investigators are progressing and our family is continuing to come to church. Brother Edward stopped his smoking this week so that was a massive blessing. I REALLY, REALLY love this family. In class yesterday, our teacher asked everyone to share their feelings about the Savior. Sister Silvia raised her hand and said, "the missionaries came at a time when our life was very dark, very heavy. They really introduced us to Jesus Christ. We were believers in Jesus Christ, we went to the Catholic church, but this gospel is the way to truly get to know the Savior." Then she started crying and said, " I am just extremlely grateful that I know Him now."
Yeah. I was a bit choked up. The power that comes from this calling, the gospel that I am teaching... It is SOO much bigger than I am. sometimes it overwhelms me. Sad that time is going by too fast, because these experiences are so much better than anything that I have felt before. Sometimes you loose sight of that when you get punted and you walk for miles and miles and no one is progressing, but times like this pull you right back in. 

LOVE YOU. HAVE A GOOD WEEK AND GIVE everyone my love. Tell the ward I say hi. 

Sister Gentry
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