So happy here.

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This was a long week with lots of meetings, lots of different companions and lots of traveling, whoa...It started out with "BES" Sister Bomediano going home:( It was hard because we had a good time this last transfer but that's life on the mission. So now I officially only have one previous companion still in the mission. All my friends leave me. haha 

I have a new comp and we are in the batch going home, so we are both leaving at the same time. Her name is Sister Derecho she's from Manila.

After Nanay Loreta got baptized, we had run out of Investigators. so we have been doing a lot of finding lately and it is really fun. We have taught a lot of different people, and I mean "different." One lesson we realized the man was REALLY drunk about half way through the lesson because he all of a sudden just fell out of his chair onto the floor.  Nothing really happened he just tipped over. So it was kind of awkward and he was embarrassed so we just closed immediately and left with a prayer. The next day he saw us and introduced himself again like we had never met so he obviously doesnt remember a thing.

One afternoon we stopped by a certain house. They were outside cooking in the front so we started talking to them about their pigs, trying not to be intimidating.  After discussing the difference between native pigs and unnative pigs and the size of their babies and what they eat, we offered to give a blessing on their home and a happy message. They agreed and had ALL their kids join. There is a total of 8 of them and they all listened, including dad. The mom said, "white madam says come listen. COME." so all of them listened. It was a good lesson. they were attentive and as we were talking about Jesus Christ the mom was touched and started to tear up. I AM PRAYING that this family makes some progress. Their problem is that they are FAR from the church so the travel to church is expensive but of course nothing is impossible with Faith. we will keep trying with them and continue to teach families.

I am so HAPPY here and everything is going good. Little stressed, but stress is healthy and I know that its all in good hands. I am happy to hear about everyone back at home. Although I want to be there with you, enjoying with you, I wouldn't switch this for anything.

I will attach some pictures so that dad is happy. 
Sister Gentry


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