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Brother Sonny and Sister Casasiempre got baptized on Saturday!!!! 

It was a special day for two people who are very very close to my heart. Sister Casasiempre has been praying and waiting for the day that Brother Sonny would come to Christ. And she said she is overwhelmingly grateful for them finding the TRUE Church. She said she knows its true because only the true church could bring that kind of miracle. I mentioned to mom and dad that they awesome of those people that I feel I knew before this life. And at their baptism a member sang this song to them:

There was this place called the pre-existence
Where we lived with our friends so dear
A council was called
And Plans were made
Free agency is why we're here
Our Savior said please find my lost sheep
And teach them and bring them home
I promise my Savior I'll find them
And teach them the way to go
I'll go and find you my friend
I'll help you
Our Savior's plan is the way
Please accept me when I find you
And we'll be back with him someday
Remember the worth of souls is great
In the light and the sight of God
Look and search and teach his sheep
To find the Iron Rod
Look and search and teach his sheep
To find the Iron Rod.
They LOVED it and were in tears when it was over. The Brother who sang told Brother and Sister Casasiempre he feels that they were truly his friends also. It was a very nice and sweet experience.
I am now going into my last transfer. That has brought a lot of tears to me, I am heartbroken time is going by so fast. I am however grateful that I have 6 more weeks. For a lot of reasons, I have a feeling that this last transfer is going to bring a lot of sacred experiences that I will especially hold dear to me. This is a time for me to give everything I have and do everything I know to do. I look forward to what I know will be a defining time in my mission and my life. 
wishing you a Merry Christmas and sending my love. 
Sister Gentry


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