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It was a busy week. Highlights:

My best friend got engaged to a man that my family LOVES!  WOOO congrats to Jake and Lynnette <3 All my emails talk about how great Jake is -   even from my parents and siblings :))) CONGRATS and LOVE Y'ALL haha. Wish I could be there so bad but excited for all the pictures and wedding details. 

I was with Sister Montenegro this week for exchanges and Sister Stromberg joined with us for a few hours while she waited for her new companion. So we were three American sisters walking down the street.  It was quite the scene! We all have brown hair and brown eyes, so of course, we told everyone we were  triplets. Also, ate dinner with the Andersons (senior couple upstairs). They made us tacos and muffins. A lot of America on Wednesday.

We met a lot of new investigators this week,  a lot of couples and families which is very good. One of our new investigators had Jesus Christ appear to her in a dream the night after we first taught her, and when she explained him, we showed her a picture in the pamphlet of Jesus Christ and she said, "He looked like that! except his clothes were different, but white and long still.." He didnt say anything to her, like "Listen to the sisters or get baptized" but she did accept the Book of Mormon happily and came to church the next day with her husband. 

We got our pants this week also, for the mosquitos... but it is no bueno. So we probably won't be wearing them for the sake of the people.. I will just stick to skirts and bug spray in order to avoid looking like a 87 year old woman. 

Also, I was just sitting in the wheelchair at church because lack of seating and they all started laughing because my clothes make me look like an old grandma... (they all started "blessing" me. This is where the filipinos take your hand and put it to their head, it is what is customary to do for old nanays..) 

Its gonna be another great week, because its constantly raining and its not that hot. Everyday is a good day here, because "It's more fun in the Philippines)

I Love you all so much.  Thanks for your letters and prayers.

Love, Sister Gentry


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