Just a small missionary payday....

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This week was good. Our Investigators are progressing and our family is continuing to come to church. Brother Edward stopped his smoking this week so that was a massive blessing. I REALLY, REALLY love this family. In class yesterday, our teacher asked everyone to share their feelings about the Savior. Sister Silvia raised her hand and said, "the missionaries came at a time when our life was very dark, very heavy. They really introduced us to Jesus Christ. We were believers in Jesus Christ, we went to the Catholic church, but this gospel is the way to truly get to know the Savior." Then she started crying and said, " I am just extremlely grateful that I know Him now."
Yeah. I was a bit choked up. The power that comes from this calling, the gospel that I am teaching... It is SOO much bigger than I am. sometimes it overwhelms me. Sad that time is going by too fast, because these experiences are so much better than anything that I have felt before. Sometimes you loose sight of that when you get punted and you walk for miles and miles and no one is progressing, but times like this pull you right back in. 

LOVE YOU. HAVE A GOOD WEEK AND GIVE everyone my love. Tell the ward I say hi. 

Sister Gentry


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