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Week two is here and this has been a very long week. but listen, with great trail, comes great things (profound, i know). tbh, i cried everyday this week, except yesterday and today, so progress!!!! some of it has been spiritual crying so that is really great! this week has really caused me to lose myself, there is no other way to do this work. people kept telling me that, but i had to experience myself i guess. now i know. we had a lesson with a new investigator this week that we met outside of his home, (that is common here, people just sit on their porch so its easy to talk to them). anyway, i dont know what it was, actually i do (love of God), but i felt so much love for this man while we were teaching. he told us that he is a member of the baptist church, and he just goes but there is a lot of things he feels he is missing in this life (i know what it is). he has been very receptive and we are now teaching his wife so yay! our golden investigators, gabriel and roldan, are fabulous, they come to church, they bear their testimony to us every lesson. so their bap date is on sep 26th and i am 100% sure it is gonna happen. your investigator has to come to church at least four times in a row here in order for them to be baptized, otherwise, they probably would have wanted to get baptized immediately. i love them and they are a testament that God is truly preparing his children. some are more aware of their preparation than others, but like i always say to sister lavides (trainer) "everyone is a mormon, some just dont know it yet"
fun things about the philippines: 

- HOT ALL THE TIME ALWAYS. I have sweat so much that i think i forgot what it feels like to be dry. but its okay, cuz when it rains, doesnt even phase me. 

-rains everyday, REALLY hard, nothing like ive ever seen, for like 10 minutes.. then if you are walking home, it starts again. good thing i love the rain. 

- i have eaten a fish with the head, eyes, tail, scales, all that still attached... so yay me. i also ate goat, mini shrimp (head, tail, feet, everything), and possibly dog, but i dont know if they were joking with me, i cant understand them still. 

- the language is still slowly coming but its coming. the people are patient. but most everyone understands english, so while im struggling to teach, i have had people interrupt me and say, "sister, its easier for me to understand you if you just speak english" its embarrassing.

- they LOVE americans here. like a lot. it is kind of a confidence booster, but mostly uncomfortable. LOTS of staring always. I have been asked if i know barbie, just about everyday, and everyone says, "hey jo!" as i walk by. kids are especially excited. i am going to use it to my advantage and start teaching and passing out pamphlets to everyone that talks to me. i just have to figure out how to speak first. 

I'm falling in love with this place and falling in love with these people. my heart is always full of love. it is an indescribable feeling. 

i love every single one of you A LOT. 

mahal ko kayo!!!!
sister gentry


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