Transfer Day!!

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I just got transferred on Thursday.  Everything I own is on this trike and this nice man will be taking me to my new area.  I am in VILLASIS.  It is the area right next to Urdaneta and we are close to the office. The apartment is SOOO nice. They are brand-new and they have a running shower. THANK THE LORD!!! My new companion is a massive blessing. We get along and our teaching is good.  I am so grateful for this transfer.  I am sad and miss Mapandan but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that this transfer is going to be a blessing. We are in an open area, with little investigators and an un-updated area book, but we are happy and optimistic about this transfer. Just so grateful!! 

I have a lot to learn and to continue to improve on. Everyday there is something new learned. 

LOVE YOU! Sorry, I stink at emailing. 


Sister Gentry


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