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Listen, I am l getting on the plane tomorrow. I love you all sobra much, and it was really great hearing from some of you this week. The MTC letter is no longer applicable, so you can take it down from the sites and stuff. I dont know when I am getting to Urdaneta yet.... I really dont know much. I am hoping that I will be able to email from the Manila MTC, but I am not sure. 

Tomorrow my flight leaves at 11:30, I am headed to Portland, then to TOkyo, and then to Manila Friday night at 9:30... I can call at the SLC airport and the Portland Airport! SO i will be calling mom's cell from SLC!!!!!! Should be anywhere from 9-11.... I really have no idea, just be sure to not have your phone busy because it apparently doesnt always work if the line is busy! Excited!!!

The Nerverreha is real today... but that's okay, cuz I gained 2 lbs in the MTC anyway.... But honestly I am a little nervous, but last night a member of the branch presidency gave all the departing missionaries a blessing. I was kinda bummed when I saw that I was getting a blessing from the counselor who I have never spoken to. But I entered the room and he immediately was friendly and warm, and his blessing addressed literally everything that I needed. I was amazed.. then I realized how ridiculous it was that I even cared who gave the blessing because either way, it was God speaking to me. 

The MTC has been an amazing experience. It is crazy to think that my mission hasn't even started and that so many more things are going to happen. I LOVE THIS MISSION. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I LOVE HEAVENLY FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST. I LITERALLY LOVE EVERYONE I MEET THESE DAYS. I just have ALL the love in my heart. I hope I can feel like this always! It makes you so happy!!!! UGH. okay. well obviously I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Pray that my plane doesn't crash. Joke-lang. It won't crash. I promise!!!!

Thank you mom for the packages!!!! Mahal Kita. Thank you Walker for the granola. Mahal Kita. 

Sister Gentry

(p.s. Dad I should have given you the log in for the canon image gateway... HOpefully from the airport i can connect and see if it works with you over the phone real quick)


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