BUHAY po AKO (I'm alive)

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I made it to the Philippines safe and sound after 28 hours of travel
yesterday! We got in at about 11:30 pm PHI time. The Manila MTC is so
beautiful and so nice! I am still with my same district and same
companion for these next few days. The residence is really nice. we
have a gorgeous view outside of our room (Philippines is SO GREEN),
The showers are REALLY nice, and the beds are comfortable. The MTC
here is so much smaller! No lines at meals, you personally get to meet
like all the missionaries and the MTC president, very relaxed and
chill. They tell you that its a "stress free zone" at the Manila MTC -
so VERY different from the Provo MTC. This afternoon, we go out with
Quezon City and Manila missionaries and go proselyting, so we will see
how much Tagalog I actually know today...  Last night I was so nervous
and so anxious,I was having a hard time being excited because it was a
new experience and then I  realized that I am going to constantly
doing new things and experiencing new things on this mission. So Last
night I spent a long time praying to know that I can do this, and for
His help, today I feel at peace and I feel sure that I can do this. I
am excited and I am ready to take on whatever comes my way (even
Balut) because I know I am not doing this alone and I am doing exactly
what I need to be doing!

                            Now for the VERY bad news, somehow during
my travel I lost my camera...I didnt realized until I was 8 hrs into
our flight to Tokyo that I didnt have it in my bag. I didnt take
anything out of my bag until that flight.. The last time I remember
seeing it was when I was showing dad something on the camera in SLC.
SO mom and Dad, can you please call the SLC airport, the Portland
airport and Delta Airlines to see if you can find it. I am not really
sure what to do.. There are a lot of places here to buy a camera if
needed... So I will just wait until the next P-day I have so you can
let me know... I am so sorry, I dont know what happened! Its really
upsetting, hopefully we can get it worked out. Let me know
Love you all, Thank you for your prayers and for everything. 

Sister Gentry


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