January 25th

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I AM SO JEALOUS of the snow. Really. But I am loving this new area! and loving my new companion. My companion was sick one day so we spend the day inside the whole day. Kinda boring but I got some good studying/pondering in. Then our Mission President came and gave her a blessing and checked up on us. Such a great person! I love our President and his wife. Told me that I may be transferring again this next transfer, which is sad, cause  I really like the area, but I don't know yet for sure. 

I did chastize the ward leaders yesterday in church, so they may not love me anymore, but it had to be done. They wanted us to give them personal information about one of the part member families in the ward we are teaching and I refused - then they went off on me. I explained the purpose of the meeting is not for us to gossip about the investigators but to figure out how the missionaries and members can work together to best help the investigators. Luckily, I had five other missionaries in the ward backing me up (there are six of us in one ward). Oh man, I am going to work a lot better with the missionaries when I get home, and I WILL ALWAYS DO MY VISITING TEACHING! Hold me to that. 

Hope you are getting better. Hopefully you can find a place in Provo or something for my future husband and I... joke, but I think I will probs live at home for a little bit when I get back... Forgive me, my thoughts are a little bit trunky, cuz my companion is going home and it is all she talks about. So sometimes I plan for that, but then I remember I still have a long time and need not to stress about that. 
Keep me updated on your progress personally and with your projects. Love you and hope all is well. Everything is good on this end:))) 

Here is a pic of my comp and me.


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