The good, bad and the ugly this week...

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Hello my dearest family and friends, thanks for all being on chatting me at the same time. Your pictures were GREAT and now I am a bit trunky so thanks for that. 

Have you ever had a week where you just keep messing up? That has been this week for me. But it is more funny that upsetting. 

It all started with the day I didnt take a shower. Everyone knows if I don't take a shower, my whole day is RUINED. I have bad luck the entire day. I forgot to set the alarm on our phone and we woke up late (that is a very serious sin on the mission, cause then you have to report to God and people that He potentially prepared for you might be missed cause you started your day late) so feeling guilty, I knew I would have to skip the shower cuz I needed to start my studies on time. Bad choice. not only did I feel gross, but everything went wrong that day.  I fell like billion times. Left our house door wide open, toilet was broken because you can't flush toilet paper here (but I refuse to not use toilet paper) and as I was trying to fix the toilet, I dropped the lid and it shattered. My fingernail got infected and is now falling off  And in one of our lessons, my Tagalog was so confusing that the members and my companion and I just started laughing so no spirit.... Then at a dinner appointment, I broke the members chair that I was sitting on... That was the day I didnt shower and that is the last time I ever skip a shower again. 

But luckily there were good days this week too. 
We did a service project in the "bukid" or the corn field. Thats were all the really poor people work and it is HARD WORK. MY goodness! You are pulling out like these thorny weeds and you have to do it for a whole corn field... We got like a 5 square foot area done after two hours. I will never complain about yard work again after that. An American in the bukid is something very exciting for the filipinos. 

We also taught this really amazing lesson this week to this man about the Restoration. On your mission, you teach the Restoration easily 3-4 times in one day. so it sometimes becomes a bit redundant, so we have been wokring on slowing down and really thinking about the words we say, especially when reciting the first vision. So we taught this lesson and it was so powerful! Honestly one of the most poweferul lessons I have taught on the mission. During the first vision, the spirit was so strong, afterwards we watched as he kind of exhaled and explained that he felt so light, he felt so loved. It was just one of the greatest lessons I have been in, the spirit was there and the spirit was teaching. There is a lot this man is going to have change in order to fully except the gospel but if we can help him feel that, miracles will occur for him.

That's about it for the highlights of my week. I'll do better at emailing. Even if it is just a few highlights. 


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