Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day Dad! Hope you get this letter before you go to sleep so that I am still on time. 

This week has been a crazy and somewhat challenging week but extremely rewarding. This week my "anak" got called to be a trainer so even though we are still in training I am have confidence that she will be a good trainer. I am leaving my area and going to a new one. It is really hard to leave an area that you have been in for 6 months and say goodbye to the people you love so dearly, but it is time for me to move on. I am extremely grateful for the people I have met and especially for the converts here in Villasis. There were tears yesterday with them as I said goodbye and there have been even more tears between me and my companion. I am amazed at how much my heart has grown to love others, much more than back then. I realize how self-centered my concerns were before I came out here, and I am eternally grateful for that change. 

I am enjoying and loving everyday that I have serving Heavenly Father. My heart swells in gratitude for Him and for him giving you to me as a father. 

Dont worry, I will continue to give these last months my full heart and effort. 
Love your daughter and favorite missionary, 
Sister Gentry


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