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Okay, listen, I know you are disappointed with my letters and my updating. But I will have to agree with what dad mentioned... I am just giving a lot of attention to the Lord.  Trust me my love has not gotten weaker for you. I just don't know how to report on it all.

This week was good and really difficult. There has been a lot of blessings and answers to prayers, so I will just talk about those and not the normal hardships of missionary work (i.e., no one to teach, blistering heat, and pouring rain... all at the same time). 

-Tatay Rufino, a longtime investigator FINALLLY decided he is sincerely ready to be baptized and become "a true christian." I can't explain what a miracle this is because we have been working on getting him to pick a date for the past three months, phew. 

-After a day of fasting and tracting or "OYMing" as we call it here, we found three potential families that we are beginning to teach this week. Families are a big focus here and we have been ferverently praying to find them. He answers prayers. Whether they will progress or not I will not focus on because I know this was an answer and His doing. 
There are many more good things but those are the highlights of this week. Rainy season is about to start which is very good cuz at least sweat won't be the whole reason why I am always soaked. 

-Also, June starts. Which means my monthly birthday celebration will begin! Woohoo! Party! any excuse for spaghetti and pancit (birthday food in the philippines) 

Haven't jumped on the "pants for sisters" train yet. Just gonna wear maxi skirts probs. Gotta stay fabulous. haha

Next week I will have pictures. 

Have a good week 
Sister Gentry


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