Safe and Sound

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Just a quick note, I AM SAFE. I am now very popular in the mission and everyone knows Kurt Gentry...good to know that I still have an overprotective father! I am safe of course. The Lord takes care of His missionaries. The typhoon was probably worse in other areas of the Philippines and luckily we live in one of the higher barangays (neighborhoods) in Mapandan, so no flooding. Alrthough, some of our investigators have flooding up to their waists. So probably dont watch the dramatic news in America. All is well, if there is a people who know how to deal with a "bagyo" it's the Filipinos. We do have another typhoon coming this weekend, this time we are more prepared, but my house is safe and all is well. I have food. I have protection. All is well. 

Thank you for your prayers. I feel all of your love here in the Philippines. I am enjoying the cold that comes with the weather. Pray for those who are in worse conditions than I am in. I don't know what is happening in other parts of the Philippines, hopefully everyone is alright.  Short amount of time because internet is slow here. But I love you all very ,very much. Hopefully I can email you next week, but if we have another typhoon this weekend...probably not. BUT DONT WORRY. I really, really, truly am okay. 

MAHAL KO KAYO lahat.!!!!


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