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Okay, I’ll try to address your questions this week:

Dad: Is a transfer in the works? How often do you transfer and how many sisters are in your mission?

Sam: Actually, tomorrow, my companion is going home. She is finished with her mission and is returning to Manila. Transfer day is on Thursday and I don’t find out until Wednesday if I am being transferred or not, but I have a feeling I am going to stay in Mapandan. Which is kind of scary, cuz that means I will have to lead the area, and show my new trainer around. We will see!! So I get a new trainer and this next transfer is only 4 weeks (usually 6) for some reason, and A LOT Of changes are apparently in the works. WE WILL SEE. LOTs of sisters in this mission, probably close to half of the missionaries.  

Dad: Of the areas in your mission, would your area be considered poor or better off?  How comfortable is your bed?

Sam: My area, is pretty mixed, there are poor barangays and wealthier barangays. Definitely not the poorest area in the Philippines. I think my whole mission is in a more affluent area. But in comparison to the states, it is all still very humbling. WE are extremely blessed. Very humbling experiences…My bed is acceptable, just glad I have a bed. 

Dad: do the members drive cars, walk or take Jeepnies….how do you spell Jeepnies?

Sam: No cars really, that is only for the wealthy. Most people walk and if they are more middle class they drive trikes. Trikes are our most common means of transportation throughout the day. We only take jeepnies when we are going to different cities. 

Dad: What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day? Did your frog dinner taste like chicken?

Sam: My food, is well, not great. RICE every meal. Breakfast: rice and hot dogs is normal. Lunch: rice and meat and Dinner: rice and meat again. But the rice was making me sick so I have tried to eat different things and not eat rice. Food is difficult in this area, especially right now, not a lot of fruits available and they eat A LOT of processed food here. I am hoping I can just figure out my menu so that I have the energy I need to work hard and take care of myself. STILL figuring that all out, it has been frustrating, but I am still alive. FROG IS VERY GOOD. It actually tastes like chicken but better, like more moist. You just have to get over the whole eating a frog thing. Just trying to avoid dog. 

Dad:  Do you miss your Dad?

Sam:  Of course, I miss my dad. EVERYDAY. It has been very difficult being away from you. I had to remove my picture of us from my study area, because I found it was making me too homesick. I love you, I am homesick for you, but I am so immensely grateful for the love you have given me. Honestly. I have been so lucky to have a father who loves so dearly, because it has really helped me truly understand how much my Father in Heaven really cares for me and all of His children. I remember as a little girl you told me that Heavenly Father loves me even more than you do, and I had a hard time even comprehending that. Thank you for your love. Thank you for teaching me the correct principles and that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me and knows me. Thank you for showing me how to love God. Even though I am away from you, your protection and your care, my Father in Heaven is here with me. I take great comfort in that. I feel it every day. I feel a portion of His love for His children, and that small portion is enough to cause change. I look forward to the day when all of us can be with those that we love dearly in the arms of our Creator that loves us most. 

Don't worry about me. I am safe. I am so happy. I am watched over by our Father in Heaven. He is strengthening me. He is changing me. He is helping me everyday. I love you so very much. I pray for you and mom every day. You two are constantly in my heart and of course, I feel your love all the way here in the Philippines. 

Please tell everyone at home I love and miss them and pray for them.  

Mahal ko kayo,

Sister Gentry


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