A Spiritual Message (in a way)

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Friends, let me tell you, there are plenty of things that I love about BYU. I'm not going to list them because that would be annoying. Instead, I am going to tell you about what I hate about BYU. The police. Every time I see a car drive by, I'm sick, rage overwhelms me and engulfs my entire body and I have consciously refrain  myself from attack. Although, this is a SLIGHTY dramatized expression of my emotions, I feel it is neccessary for the point I am trying to make.
I have a lot of feelings.
It all began when I first started attending BYU this summer. A wide-eyed, freshman trying to figure out the whole college thing, "what to take, what to wear, what to eat, how to act, how to make friends, how to get good grades, where to live and most importantly, where to park. If you are familiar with New Heritage Dorms, you know that there is essentially no parking despite the fact that thousands of students live in these dorms, but it's fine, whatever, I'm over it. Anyway, parking for new heritage is about 25 miles away, give or take 23 miles. I don't like that because I'm lazy. It's that simple. Sorry that I don't like carrying my grocery sacks for miles and miles. So, like the "rebellious" person I try to be sometimes, I decided to try to cheat the system a little and find parking a little closer in a huge lot, where I thought for sure campus police wouldn't find me. Wrong. They found me and I got my first ticket. But I kept calm and carried on and found a differnt parking area where I could get away with parking in the wrong zone. Along comes fall semester and I show up a more seasoned freshman, smarter than the ones that follow me. I know where you can park and the police won't find you, they aren't that strict. Wrong. I got another ticket. At this point I'm informed if I get 7 tickets within one year I am 1) fined $200 instead of $20 and 2) my car will be banned from campus. I decide to try to figure out parking and instead of just listening to the angel on my shoulder, I side with the devil himself. I try to find loopholes (oh, how I was so foolish in my youth.) In the process of finding these "loopholes" I manage to get 3 parking tickets in the matter of 2 days. If you are following along still, that adds up to 4 TICKETS IN ONE WEEK. At this point I'm pretty sure BYU Police are specifically looking for my car. If you are good at math, you have added up that I have 5/6 tickets that won't get me in trouble. Having gone through this trial, I humble myself, repent, and go forth being obedient to the law. I began to recognize the blessings from my newfound obedience. My ankles were becoming a little more shapely from the exercise (not really), I built friendship with fellow parkers as we treked back to the dorms and eventually BYU opened up parking to Heritage residents a whole mile closer. God is real people and He blesses you for being obedient (but really, He does.) I went a whole 4 months without any tickets. 
Winter Semester comes along, this time I'm a sophomore. I'm wiser but also more proud. Satan tempts me once more and coaxes me into parking in a unauthorized zone close to my dorm. I had bags of groceries and it was 11 o'clock at night and it's cold. I could potentially get murdered, kidnapped, or even frostbite. It was best that I didn't park a mile away. I parked in a sort of hidden spot where I assumed the police wouldn't find me. A girl from my building parked right next to me and I felt at peace about my decision. I thought, "well, they aren't gonna give us BOTH a ticket!" So having talked myself into it, I walk a few feet to my dorm and return safely to home. I get up early this morning to move my car just to be safe. I look at my new friend's car, no ticket. I felt relived. I get into my car, pleased with fact that I got away with it. Turn on my windshield wipers to get the frost of and see a ticket wiping my window, sort of waving itself at me in a way. I was right. The police weren't going to give us both a ticket. They just gave me one. Once again, I was humbled, realizing there is no way to get away with being disobedient. My car is now parked in its respective zone, free from the reigns of parking violations. 
In some ways this is almost a spiritual experience. I'm keeping this story on hand for future talks and lessons. Basically the lesson we can all learn from this is, If you are not obedient, you will be singled out and be punished severely. Amen. 

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  1. Too funny, the university police at the u are just as bad. they'd get you every time


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