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This week was the first week back from Christmas break and Winter semester has begun. Let me tell you, it has been a LONG week. The break was not near long enough, but alas, I am back. All new classes started and I have probably rearranged my schedule 19 times, but the week is still young my friends and my schedule will be changing. So far, I am pretty pleased with my decisions. I have dropped CHEM 285 (bio organic chemistry) and that was one of the best things I have done for myself. Future-me probably won't like this decision, but present-me is pretty okay with putting off that Chemistry class. I also got into LDS Marriage and Family at the Salt Lake Center, which means that Lynnette and I get to escape Provo at least once and week and venture to Salt Lake, making a pit stop to Target on the way home.

We found a Black Santa for Courtney (don't be offended. Courtney wasn't.)
There are a few more classes I have been looking into taking: Cooking (cuz lets be honest, I can barely make a decent bowl of cereal - my grandpa even said so when I tried to make him Cream of Wheat), Sewing, Fly Fishing, and maybe Latin but probs not. So far, out of the classes I kept, I think I am really going to like Anatomy and Child Development (I have a minor crush on my teacher. Don't worry I know its weird.)
Yes, I KNOW it's not okay. 
Back to Anatomy. Apparently it is really hard because they only announce it in EVERY email and lecture and lab for that class. This is one of the reasons I dropped Chem, so I could get a high grade in both classes in hopes to increase my chances of getting into the Nursing program, another impossibly difficult task that you are reminded of in all of your classes and whenever you tell someone your major (Thx every1.) Also, in Anatomy there are A LOT of pictures of anatomically correct, fully nude bodies, for scientific purposes I guess, but still, I try to be mature about it. I figure that is part of becoming an adult, not giggling at naked pictures and all. 

Another part of becoming an adult is living with other people AND learning to love them. I have actually grown to really like my roommates. We all sat around the kitchen table the other night and talked for some time, while I ate a can of Sauerkraut. I could really feel us bonding. It was nice. Aubrey (my room-roommate) has always been a gem. I knew I liked her from the moment I heard her say, "beg" instead of, "bag." Aubrey is from Minnesota so naturally she's really nice, but don't be fooled, there is plenty of sass from her. For Christmas, she gave me a RDJ t-shirt, so now I'm basically blind to her flaws. 

LOOK at that face!
Look at THAT face ;)

That is how that week has gone so far! I have high hopes for 2015. I can feel that it is gonna be a good year. I'll share some goals so that you can ask me how they're going and I can tell you about why I didn't accomplish them and if I did, then I can brag about how good I am for at least doing something productive this year.

1. Find a Boyfriend 
2. Put in Mission Papers
3. Dump Boyfriend to go Mission
4. Do well this semester 
5. Try to find a small way to serve everyday
6. Be grateful by actively acknowledging the blessings in my life
7. Reach out 
8. Be positive 
9. Don't be quick to judge a person or a situation 
10. Heal the world. 


  1. I am most excited about #'s 1 and 10 but I am probably most excited to see 10 come about. I'll send you Costco sized boxes of bandages so you can run about healing trees and buildings and it will make me most happy.

  2. Don't forget to make it a better place too:)
    Your blog will make me smile everyday!


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